Welcome to Guy Bling

I started Guy Bling because I like bling, but all the shirts made with bling are really not made for guys to wear. The bling on women's shirts is used to make the shirt more interesting, but the bling is just there – it’s not really necessary. In addition, the themes of these shirts are typically designed with women in mind, not men.

So I wanted to create some concepts that used bling in a way that was integral to the designs and were not gender specific. Hence, Guy Bling!

Having said that, women love these shirts too, so feel free to wear them even if you’re not a guy. The shirts are only offered in men’s sizes, which typically run one size larger than women’s sizes, so if you’re a woman (or ordering for one), order one size smaller than you would wear in a woman’s size. For example, if you normally wear a woman’s medium, order a men’s small.

What you see here is the first set of shirts that we are offering for sale. Admittedly, they are not inexpensive, but each is a piece of art (not just a shirt), painstakingly hand crafted, with some of the designs involving over 100 steps. We use only the finest materials like 100% cotton Hanes Beefy Ts, the best crystals, glitter and foil. They cost more, but they are worth it.

The shirts are made as we receive orders, so they may take several days after your order to ship out. We can only ship to United States at this time.

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